Devonshire Greens renders an endow presence in the resorts Hospitality field with a wide range of inflowing facilities. This values destination for many clients who come to relax in their luxury to host special events like celebration and conferences.

Curio Shop - The Library

CURIO SHOP is an organized collection of information resources made accessible to a defined community for reference. library's have vast collections of books, periodicals, newspapers, maps, prints, CDs, photos and rare collections of spices in munnar.


Tamas - Ayurvedic Spa

Detox and rejuvenate your body with new Ayurvedic Spa which is now available at our devonshire greens.


Torrent - The Health Club

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. we offer a newer health clubs with most modern fitness equipments that enhances physical fitness and wellness helps you to maintain positive self-esteem.


Hero Square - The Board Room

Hero Square - The Board Room, A six seated mini conference room with projector,audio and Video conferencing arranged for private meetings.



Stay up late giggling with pals as you finish that scrapbook or quilt in the extreme comfort with one of the beautiful open campfire. we love to sit beside of the fire and listening to the lake behind and stars out just turns us on.it feels more exciting when you are with your loved ones. Swap stories and alot of fun around the evening bonfire while enjoying fresh delicious campfire recipies from team devonshire greens.


Liberty Square - The Conference Hall

Liberty Square - the conference hall provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings. Get organized and productive with well equipped hall design with projector, audio and Video conferencing facilities forms the layout for higher establishments. Theater style 60 pax U shape 28 pax. Hero Square - The Board Room for private meeting.


Beans & Leaves - The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop says "store, share and relax" with panoramic view of low-flying clouds and mist filled valleys. Cool bracing climate, serves up taste snacks, sandwiches and beverages from early afternoon till late evening increases the level of ambient.


Fall in Greens - Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

"Taste the land of spices" with DEVONSHIRE FALL IN GREEN - THE MUTLI-CUISINE RESTURANT. The lavish and elaborate ala carte and buffet serves the finest dishes from different cuisines, served along with various beverages for enhancing the taste and feel of breakfast,lunch and dinner are excellent for small family gathering, birthday parties, meetings, etc. Our multi-cuisine restaurant specialized in continental cuisine and the Indian typical cuisines like the Gujarati, Malwani, Awadi, Rajastani, Panjabi and Jain cuisines.


Central Reservations

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