Trekking and Rock Climbing

Devonshire Greens, a luxurious resort in Munnar is an ideal adventurous spot for rock climbing and trekking in Munnar to get indulged with nature in its serene beauty.

Munnar trekking also features Anamundi the highest peak in the Munnar South India is the perfect spot for trekking lovers and campers and perfect for rock climbing where Climbers can have their climb in the most beautiful and adventures locations and sights.

We in Devonshire provide great trekking and walking opportunities through the beautiful rugged grasslands of Munnar for an avid nature enthusiast. During these Guided trekking and Rock Climbing in Munnar  you will come face to face with the spectacular beauty of the wilderness here besides passing through far flung villages with their indigenous cultural traditions and the magnificent wildlife that inhabit the forests.

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