Nature Walk

Have fun in Munnar with the resort’s nature walk to make the guests lie very close to nature where they can expose the wonders of earth .

Guided Nature Walk in Munnar are conducted early in the morning and late in the afternoon accompanied by a guide and naturalist.One takes the road leading to the Pallivasal junction and at a point turning off the road crosses a narrow bridge over a boulder strewn bed of a stream that starts higher up in the mountains to finally descend as a waterfall hissing through the rocks. The other route cuts through a hill slope and a large tract of silver oak trees crosses the stream and ends in a hamlet nearby. There is a traditional temple here and at times guests may view the rituals practiced here. Set beside the stream is a cottage where a friendly family live. They have set tables outdoor overlooking the stream and it is a memorable experience sipping on a hot cup of tea or a beverage, biting on a snack. During the monsoon when the stream has been replenished the spray from the water descends on the tables. Plan in advance, for the best Things to do at Munnar.

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