Devonshire Greens
Welcome to a different era, an era where luxurious colonial lifestyle intertwines seamlessly with the beauty of nature. At Devonshire Greens one can experience the best in class four star classified holiday experience. We pride ourselves in being one of the best resort in Munnar offering guests a myriad of experiences that bring out the finest that Munnar has to offer. Honeymooners will find the most romantic getaway honeymoon resort at Devonshire Greens. A resort that is set atop a mountain in the most exotic locales with sprawling tea estates and breathtaking views that overlook the majestic Attukad valley, Devonhsire Greens is also home to the most beautiful Attukad waterfalls which is just a walk from the resort. Devonshire Greens provides facilities that enhance your stay with a touch of old - world charm. The entire atmosphere is designed to imitate a storybook environment, drawing inspiration from colonial folklore, art, and nature. Wood, stone, and rustic colours all come together to form a treat that is pleasing to all of the senses.
Climb A Mountain
See Wild Animals
Serene Nature
Go on a Voyage
Family Holiday Package 2 nights & 3 days
Honeymoon Package 2 nights & 3 days
Best Price Guarantee
Trust and Safety
Avail Best Facilities
Best Infrastructure